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White Paper
Expedite Research Timelines, Optimize Research Design, and Improve Patient Outcomes Using a New Source of Research-Grade Data

Health Catalyst is committed to supporting life sciences organizations in expediting research timelines, optimizing research design, and improving patient outcomes through access to a new source of research-grade data, rapid cohort creation, automated patient engagement, and augmented intelligence.

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Better Clinical Decision Support for COVID-19: Identifying Patients at Highest-Risk


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On-Demand Webinar
2022 and Beyond: Navigating the Road Ahead in Healthcare

With 2021 coming to a close, it’s time to get ready for 2022. Join Stephen Grossbart, PhD, and Bobbi Brown, MBA, as they tackle the challenges of what’s next for healthcare in the new year and why data and analytics are foundational to your success. Dr. Grossbart and Bobbi will review the trends and policies most impactful to the industry and offer actionable, long-range insights to help organizations navigate successfully from 2022 to 2030.

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The Four Pillars of Successful Self-Service Analytics in Healthcare

To ensure self-service analytics success and avoid common pitfalls, healthcare organizations can focus on four pillars that build a strong self-service analytics foundation:

1. Develop a data-centric culture.
2. Promote data literacy.
3. Garner leadership support and ensure governance.
4. Define a business goal.

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Healthcare Analytics Summit
HAS 21 Virtual Review:Soaring Satisfaction Rates, Attendee Profiles, and More

Even virtually, transporting 3,000-plus healthcare leaders and activists across three international destinations is no small feat. Add world-class data and analytics insight and inspiration from healthcare and beyond to the voyage and you have a three-day journey of a lifetime—otherwise known as theHealthcare Analytics Summit™(HAS) 21Virtual. The 2021 edition of healthcare’s premier analytics summit once again gathered innovators and heroes from around the globe to explore multi-domain analytics as the framework for a winning team approach to healthcare transformation.

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